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I've seen many chiropractors over the years.  I can say, without hesitation, that Dr. Salame is the best around.  He has treated me AND my entire family for years now.  We are still amazed with the results we regularly experience after his adjustments.  Anytime one of us feels out of sorts, someone says, go see Dr. Salame, he'll put you back together.  Tim K.

I saw Dr. Salame in 2003 because my job placed excess physical stress on my body.  I had no idea when I began getting adjustments that it would also help my headaches.  Since seeing him I have yet to have a return of those debilitating Migraines.  I see him once a month for wellness and prevention.  Glinder S.

I'm a police officer and have endured multiple accidents, injuries, and work place stress.  I've battled with back pain, neck pain, you name it.  If it wasn't for the care I receive at Dr. Salame's clinic, I would be seriously limited and have to find another occupation.  Dr. Salame has also helped many of my colleagues get well and STAY well.  I highly recommend him. Randy M.

A car accident long ago caused intense neck and shoulder pain that was not getting better.  I tried pain killers, rest, exercise, etc.  It wasn't until I began seeing Dr. Salame that the pain finally subsided.  He is a great chiropractor and an overall great person.  I see him, my husband sees him, my son, his wife, we're all fans.  Thanks again for all your help Doc.  Ilene S.

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